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Detective Services (DS) owned and operated by private detective Mark Grover in Melbourne, one of Australia's most sought after and successful private investigators.

Setting up a practice in 1990, Mark placed an advertisement in the Yellow Pages under 'Private Investigators', followed up with a mail drop in Melbourne drawing in a core group of clients which enabled Mark to swiftly prove his abilities, gaining him a respected and distinguished reputation throughout the private and corporate worlds for his professional and intuitive approach.

In 1992, Mark was hungry to expand his knowledge beyond the local standard practices and invested in travelling the world; networking with industry leaders, fine tuning his investigation skills, gaining exposure to numerous blue chip companies and assisting on diverse cases such as espionage and fraud matters. Bringing back vast knowledge, skills and technology at the time unavailable in Australia brought innovation home and moved the industry forward in leaps and bounds.

In a dramatically changing and evolving technological world, the next decade offered opportunities to continue to build on the skills and industry expertise Mark had established his reputation on. Detective Services had to expand in order to deal with demand. Mark head hunted some of Australia's most sought after up and coming private detectives, providing training and mentoring them to use his finely honed methods and systems of investigation.

Building and growing the practice which today has a network covering every city & outback town in Australia to a vast international group of industry colleagues across; the United States, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The practice continues to grow and build on the foundations established by Mark, ensuring both private and corporate customers have access to the most advanced network of constructive, active and experienced investigators the world over, who are engaged in traditional and emerging forms of investigative solutions enabling Detective Service to offer unrivalled service and results.

Our Mission

Our core values are the foundation and measure by which the practice is guided. They help shape our behaviour & methods, guide our client service and help us measure results. Our core values can be summed up with three key words:

Facts - Through focusing on the facts we clearly develop strategies to deliver reliable and accurate information. It guides our client service philosophy and ensures our goals align with the facts we strive to uncover.

Integrity - Our agents, consultants and staff are guided by ethical conduct and honesty in all our practice which sustains our reputation for reliable, confidential and accurate service, one of the key founding principles continuing to guide the business for over 20 years.

Excellence - Our measure of success in every case is the high level of truth uncovered. Excellence is getting the job done right and in a timely manner delivering results for clients enabling them to move forward with clarity and confidence.

As a community based private investigation agency dedicated to putting clients first and consistently striving to provide accurate, efficient, and cost-effective private investigations in a timely manner. We protect our client’s confidentiality and provide them with the information and answers they seek.

Our Team

Our team of professional licensed private investigators are amongst the best in Australia with over 30 years experience and are led by one of Melbourne's most awarded and highly qualified investigators, Mark Grover. We're nationally and internationally licensed investigators and recognised globally as the first choice for best private investigations practice within the industry, our inquiry agents come from backgrounds in the Australian Federal Police force, Victorian Police force, legal and government enforcement.

A confidential consultation with our team helps you shape your investigation, clarify the purpose and set goals which will enable you to make life changing decisions, with clarity and peace of mind.  And knowing a private consultation with our team is always free and confidential means taking that first step is safe and secure.

Mark Grover

Mark has worked in the investigation and intelligence industry for over 25 years. Licensed as an investigator since 1990 means Mark has dealt with the full range of investigations from the smallest and local to complex corporate matters.

As a young boy Mark took a keen interest in the Police force and at age 16 Mark was encouraged by his mother to apply for work experience with a local detective for one week. After leaving school Mark secured a position with a small detective practice and worked towards his private investigator license, quickly learning all he could, then within a couple of years opening up the doors to his own private investigations practice. Since 1990, Mark has been putting his practical skills to work in the industry.

Mark has continued to grow, train and stay relevant in a fast changing industry that demands the latest skills and technology to capture swift moving information and regularly participates in educational programs at annual conferences of the World Investigators Network & World Association of Detectives of which he is a long serving member.

His unique style and approach have lead to a number of high profile associations including as a regular commentator on Melbourne’s leading talk back radio station 3AW with Denis Walter. Regular appearances on TV; News, Current Affairs and Daily Shows sharing his industry knowledge & giving qualified advice to help the community where he can.

Mark is regularly engaged as public speaker with a naturally entertaining style, and contributes to the Media & industry where he is able. If you would like to request Mark to speak at your charity, function or event please use the Contact Us page.
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